Thursday, June 24, 2010

P3 Day 1 - 117 (-.3, +.3 from LDW)

Hi m'dears!

I just drank coffee with CREAM and WF chocolate syrup. FERYUMMY! It's P3! P3! P3! Oh, sweet cheese, cream, bacon, eggs, avocados, yummies!

I am on day 2 of a 3 day migraine. Full moon is Saturday, and these headaches are cyclical so I do suspect TOM is looming (though I never know for sure without a uterus!). That said, I'm pretty impressed I'm so close to my LDW. I always retain water during this time.

I have a full rest of the week as far as socializing goes, which I'm thrilled about. The title company I use is taking me to lunch today which should be great fun - I'm looking forward to getting to know these ladies more personally. Tonight I am getting a pedicure with a friend (who was also a client) - she's pregnant and will have her baby next month so we get to get pampered tonight! Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut and dyed, and trying a different kind of body wrap that this salon offers. I'll be interested to compare it to the heat wrap. Then tomorrow evening, my son's 4th grade teacher and her husband and kids are coming over. The men can chit chat, the kids can watch a movie, and she and I will sit by the fire pit, eat cheese and drink some of the Oregon wine I brought back with me from my last trip. Saturday I am hanging with a friend who is moving to the East coast, and Sunday I am driving with my family up north to my natural father's place for a belated father's day meal (steak and potatoes - I'll skip the latter).

So, no rest for the wicked! Next week I have 4 CLOSINGS!!! Well on my way to meeting my financial goals. It will feel so good to pay off some of those business loans!! I need about double that to totally be free, so hopefully I'll make it this year.

My goodness, I've seriously just babbled and babbled.

Hopefully after lunch today I'll have time to swing by the hospital and have my foot x-rayed. I am so hoping they find something. To have a non-scary answer would be grand! I don't know what I'm going to do about shoes though...


EDITED TO ADD - I ordered more HCG from All Day Chemist on the 18th - it arrived this morning! WOW! That is FAST turnaround! I'm all set for my round at the end of the year!


Kathryn said...

I hope your xray went well if you found time to get it done today. I'm looking foward to having avacado's again - I envy your breakfast - sounds good. It's quite a fast pace you've got going on - but it sounds fun and rewarding. Everything is falling into place for you and that's a real good thing and a good place to be!

helderheid said...

Thanks! Got it done today! I should know more in the next couple days.