Wednesday, June 23, 2010

72 Hour Holding pattern - 117.3 ( +.6 of last dose weight)

Morning lovies!

So, I had a realization about my weight recently. I couldn't understand how I could be back down to this weight but a good size smaller and it dawned on me that not only was the HCG shifting things around, but I have new breasts. I wasn't counting the extra weight from the implants so pre-implants, I weigh a little less. I'm not going to play that game as I did immediately post op with how much I weigh without them. I weigh 117.3 this morning, period!

I'm not surprised about the .3 gain... in fact, what surprises me is that it isn't more. I upped my protein yesterday and have 2 vodka waters. I must say, it felt so good to unwind. I knew the whole medical thing was weighing on me, but I didn't realize just how much. My level headed husband laughed at me, of course! Seriously though, sometimes Google is NOT your friend when looking up symptoms. Not to say our mystery is solved. Hopefully I'll have time to get the xray tomorrow. Think fracture thoughts for me! I know, that sounds twisted. :)

Last week my husband came home on the day they were pre-selling the new iPhone 4 and said he couldn't get his order through because it was too busy. I purposely didn't look up the new features as I am a gadget nut myself and I didn't want to want it, however I went on the site to try my luck at ordering it and VOILA! First try, it went through. He tried and tried and never managed to get an upgrade for his phone and the next thing you know, they'd sold out. Because I wasn't coveting it (yet) as he was, we checked to see if he could take the phone without messing my account and that's no problem. SO, today it will be here! He is so excited, but this also means I am stuck in the house until it arrives. I have some projects here I must get to.

I have loads of clothing that simply need to be donated. I have other clothing that are seasonal and need to be stored until Fall. I have some things for my mom, and some things to be made available to HCGers in need of smaller sizes, and then the last pile is the pile that consists of clothes I barely wore that I want to try selling on ebay. I've never sold on ebay before and it may not be worth it, but I thought I'd try anyway. So, as you can imagine, I have lots of piles and I'd like to at the very least get the donation piles in my car so I can get rid of them. They are just taking up space here and someone out there could really use them. Then there's my desk... we're not even going to go there. :)

Guys, thanks again for being here for me. I was really scared and having you all here to cheer me on is invaluable.


Lis said...

Fantastic on your weight!! You are doing so well!! And I am SOOOO glad that it may "only" be a fracture - very good news indeed!
My husband is going to wait on an upgrade as well.... he hasnt been able to get on and get anything either. See, you are a lucky one!
I have to do the same with clothing - go though, try on, and purge. It is such a time consuming job though.Let us know how the ebay thing works out - that might be an idea. I have bought on there before, but have never sold.
Love and hugs!

lavenderdiva said...

You are doing so well, in every way! You had a fantastic round- I'm absolutely thrilled for you!!

love you!

helderheid said...

Thanks both of you! I am again partaking in the sparkly water with vodka. I am also only eating steak. Should be interesting to see if I lose, stay the same, or gain!