Friday, June 25, 2010

P3 Day 2 - 114.7 (-2.3, -2 from LDW)

I can't tell you guys how great you all are for my self esteem! Thank you!! I have decided after all the feedback to choose the picture of me sitting down. I had picked the first photo, but I really do like that other one.

114.7! SHUT UP! Really?? Oh my goodness. See what an unintentional steak day will do? I am thrilled. I just received brand new size 2 slacks from Ann Taylor Loft that I ordered from eBay for practically nothing, and they fit so beautifully! I couldn't be happier about my size. I am so ready now to get FIT! Time for pilates, yoga, and I really need to get brave and sign up for Krav Maga! I know that will not only transform my body, but it will totally transform my self confidence. I look forward to never being afraid to show a home to a man again, knowing I can totally kick his ass. :)

Got a call from the doc's office - the x-ray came back negative. :( My mom told me though that she had a hairline fracture in her foot from her ice skating days and it too didn't show on the x-ray. I HOPE that is the case for me! I have a follow up appointment next Thursday.

LOVE you guys!!!


lavenderdiva said...

Shut up is right! Look at you!! All that worry about how this round was going to end up, and you're in the LOW teens!!! Absolutely fantastic, my friend!!

It strikes me that you are in a very sweet place in your life right now. You are very blessed!

I know how eager you are to get in there, and start working out. However, may I add a note of caution? Please don't jump in with all of these activities at once. I'd hate to see you injure your foot further. Take it slowly please? I think Pilates would be a really nice start, if anyone was asking ;)

love you very much!

Nick and Meg said...

Woo hoo!!! 114.7!?!?!? You are amazing! :-)

My son had a compound fracture in his leg. They took 4 different x-rays at 4 different times and a ton of different angles before they finally found it. Good luck-I hope they can find it!

helderheid said...

LD - Thank you!! I am indeed blessed!

You're right, and until I know what's going on with my foot, I won't do anything that could irritate it. Pilates is a PERFECT way to start, given it puts no stress on my foot. I'll ease my way back.

Meg, that gives me SO much hope. I really think there is actual damage to my foot. There is pain in one specific spot. This gives me comfort because I don't think there'd be any pain involved if it were something serious like cancer, cirrhosis, or heart problems. Thank you!