Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 5 P2 after the interruption 121.4 ( +1 total gain since interruption 3.3)

This will be short and not so sweet.

I am beyond discouraged. I knew that doing a planned interruption was delving into unknown territory, however I never in my wildest dreams thought it would mean a steady move up in weight, rather than down! I'd accepted staying the same weight even, but this is simply ridiculous and beyond depressing. If anyone asked me for my advice on this now, I'd say DON'T.

Could it be hormones? Could it be the new mix? Could it be the new dose? It's certainly not what I'm putting in my mouth. I've been completely clean.

I miscalculated how many days I have as well, not counting the days I'd already done, so it looks like Monday or Tuesday will be my last day.

Now I'm debating - do I continue a normal P2 day, 3.3 pounds up from when I started VLCD again, or do I try a P2 lean steak or apple day? I plan on an apple day the day before my last dose day for maximum results. If I do one now, I don't know if that will mess with that given I don't have long to go.

*deep sigh*

Edited to add, I just had the self talk that this couldn't POSSIBLY be real weight. I've not eaten enough calories for this to be a honest to God weight gain of any real consequence.


For some reason my comments won't let me post, so here is my response here:

I ate P3 style during the interruption.

Since starting VLCD again, I've been drinking at least 2L water per day, and my calories of clean P2 foods has been between 480-530 per day.



Meredith said...

I am in the same boat. +1 since yesterday and I know I didn't stray. I definitely feel your pain. I will do an apple day tomorrow if I don't get rid of it today. Keep on pushing through! It will come off.

helderheid said...

Thanks Meredith! I appreciate the encouragement! We'll get through this together!!

Anonymous said...

If you aren't eating enough cals, could be your body holding on to water weight.

When you did your interruption did you eat P3 style?

Kathryn said...

I'm thinking the same thing as Autumn - maybe it's not enough calories. Does the protocol manual say anything about eating under 500 and the effect?

Hang in there. It's just a blip and it could definitely be hormones.

Doing the planned interruption was an experiment for you and you could look at it this way that you have the experience now.

Hang in there and stay strong. It's just a temporary blip.

helderheid said...

I ate P3 style during the interruption.

Since starting VLCD again, I've been drinking at least 2L water per day, and my calorie of clean P2 foods has been between 480-530 per day.


helderheid said...

Blogger is messed UP! :D

Lis said...

Weird - beyond weird... if you have a few days to play with, try an apple day and see if its water thats getting you the gain. You could even follow that with a mini-steak day - both have worked for you in the past, right? Plus, once you get down a couple of pounds, you can stabilize lower. Dont worry, you'll get there - you have enough time.

helderheid said...

Thanks Lis. I'm thinking I may do a P2 lean steak day tomorrow. I plan on doing the apple day on Sunday (I think that's the day before my last dose day). I am grateful this is happening now rather than at the end of my dosing! I have faith I can get back down, but I won't be seeing 114 this time for sure. :) Thanks for being in my corner.

ookiecrisp said...

I have faith in you! Good luck!

Kathryn said...

Sening you good loss vibes with the steak day. I'll try not to send you the pound or a half a pound that I will hopefully lose tomorrow! :)

Stay strong - you can do it. It will release.

lavenderdiva said...

This isn't 'real' weight, I just know it. I had good luck in pushing my protein oz.'s. Say doing 5oz. protein, and the balance of calories in veggies/fruit. It seemed to force a bit more in losses for me last round. Its something to think about.

Do a steak day tomorrow. Then go back to P2 eating, but push the protein until your last P2 day and do an apple day that day. That way, you've given it EVERY effort to get every last bit of weight off for this round.

Don't beat yourself up over this gain. It was an experiment and you learned. Your learning will help others in the future. You have enough hcg to do another round right? Keep looking forward. The weight is just a number. You look beyond amazing. You feel great (when you're not thinking about the scale, right?). You are healthy. Everything in your life is lining up just right. This will NOT beat you!

You are in control.

I love you!
ps. How was your Dr.'s appt?

helderheid said...

Thanks all of you! The support is beyond appreciated. I don't know what I'd do without all of you!!

LD, I plan on doing the lean steak day tomorrow. I think my last dose day is Monday, so I'll do the apple day Sunday for maximum results! I don't have anymore HCG to mix. I did order more for my next round in December. My Dr.s appointment has been moved to Tuesday - I have a lot of faith in this Dr. and I'll let you know! Love you!

Thanks again ALL of you!!