Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 10 P3 121.9 ( +1.8, +2.2 over LDW)

GADS I need a steak day, but with my travelling, it's a no go. I've basically eaten nothing but cheese. I hope to see a drop tomorrow. We'll see!

I definitely need more trips to Oregon. I have had 3 offers go under contract while gone! I got the call this morning about a short sale that had been waiting for approval for months and months get approved TODAY. The one home I have not under contract is being shown tomorrow. I'm hoping for some more on the road magic. ;)

It's been a looooong day. I'll get home tomorrow, and then I need to get prepared to mix my last vial with saline for one kick ass week of losses. :) Steak day tomorrow! :)

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