Tuesday, June 22, 2010

72 Hour Holding pattern - 117 ( +.3 of last dose weight)

NO MORE DOSING! HOORAY! This means cream in my coffee Thursday morning... just 2 more mornings to go! I have bacon wrapped filets thawing for Thursday night. I know what I'm doing! The triple cream brie is waiting for ME! :)

Today is D day - Doctor Day! As nervous as I am to find out what is causing my symptoms, I am also really relieved to be finally taking care of this. Whatever it is, I'll deal with that. It could be nothing. It could be I need to move this body and get the circulation moving. I doubt the lump in my neck would shrink if it were something dangerous (I cannot even type the word). Anyway, today we'll start getting to the bottom of it. I'm going to take my last set of labs in, as well as print out some of Dr. Daniel Belluscio's work for him to go over as far as sublingual HCG treatment. Well, maybe that would be overwhelming. I've got it printed, but perhaps I'll hang onto that for a more appropriate time since the reason for my visit has nothing to do with HCG.

Last night I lit a fire in the fire pit and celebrated Summer Solstice. I bought loose sage as well as a smudge stick earlier that day. I threw the loose sage in the fire and said a little prayer for new beginnings, clean health, prosperity, and hopes that all have their needs met. I then lit the smudge stick and did the same; smudging myself, kids, and general space around us.

This morning will be spent working, getting the kids to their martial arts camp, and listening to music that makes my soul sing. I want to surround myself with music that truly lifts me up before I have the blood work done.

Have you ever heard of the book, "The Hidden Messages in Water"  by Masaru Emoto, David A. Thayne? I have it, though it's been awhile since I picked it up. I heard about it from an independent film I saw a few years ago. Here's a clip from that film which explains the basic premise:

It's important we surround ourselves with loving feedback, and that goes for the movies we watch, the music we listen to, the friends we surround ourselves with, and the words we tell ourselves.

Thanks for surrounding me with such loving feedback!


Lis said...

You celebrated in a wonderful way! Happy Solstice a day late ;) Sending healthy thoughts your way as you go to the doc today - keep us posted.
P3, here you come!!

Meredith said...

Hooray for Solstice! And I love the fire pit. I would love to get one. Congrats on finishing up P2. I am definitely excited for you. Keep us posted on the the docs appointment. Thinking positive thoughts for you!

helderheid said...

Thanks to you guys! My nerves are beginning to get to me... eeek!