Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 9 P2 after the interruption 116.7 ( - .5 total LOSS since interruption 1.4, total loss since LDW prior to interruption, 2.9)

Good morning my dears. Happy Solstice!

I'm sipping my coffee and waking up. Today is going to be extra crazy work wise.

I am pleased with the .5 - given how heavy my stomach felt, I wouldn't have been surprised had it stayed the same or even gone up a little. So, I dosed and I have just enough for one more dose. Because I'd prefer to count the 72 hours from morning to morning rather than night to night, I'm skipping that dose tonight. If I release tomorrow, I'll take that dose tomorrow morning and count that as my last dose day. If not, 116.7 is my last dose weight. How great is that?!

I am so ready for P3 and to start pilates, yoga, Krav Maga, and Wii Fit! SO ready. I've not done steady exercise really since I started HCG back in Sept 2008. I am craving regular exercise like a man with his head on fire craves a lake.

Tomorrow is my doctor's appointment. I am surprisingly calm about it, though the nerves are just beginning to creep up a little. Just a little though. Pretty amazing given I come from a long line of over reactors. :)

Okay, I need to get my attack plan going for today. I'm anxious to catch up with y'all. A few of you haven't posted in weeks. Hey. You all know who you are. I miss you!


Anonymous said...

You sound so energetic and positive! I know how you feel about craving some exercise. It's not just for physical health!

And, thanks for all the positive omments recently.

Jen Payne said...

Looks like it all corrected itself! The exercise is addicting. Right now I am wishing the husband would get home so I can get outside and play volleyball while getting a tan :) If not, I will go to dance tonight :) Great job!

lavenderdiva said...

hmmmm.... I feel very conspicuous with your post today. Sort of like being called out-- ;) I KNOW I need to get my act together and post- I just need to sit down and start!

I am thrilled to BITS for you with your loss today! This round has ultimately been very successful for you in oh-so many ways!

Good news about your Dr's appt tomorrow- everything is going to be fine. Knowing what's behind the lump is always better than wondering.

love you!

helderheid said...

Thanks all of you! :)

AR - Thanks so much and thanks for the inspiration. Seriously, I'm following your lead!

Jen - that goes for you as well! I am so inspired watching you exercise and to see how totally in tune with your body you've become!

LD - Yes, sit down and WRITE! Thanks for all the support. The lump is actually less worrisome than the foot right now, but either way, I'll be glad to know I am having both seen by someone who can get to the bottom of it! :)


Kathryn said...

Just wanted to say I wish you well with the dr's appt tomorrow. Everything will be fine. I'm so happy that you're being so proactive about your health.