Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 8 P3 120.8 (+2.1, +1.1 over LDW)

Woah, Nelly! I was liking the other direction SO much better, but I've yet to have to do a correction day so far. I shall not complain! Besides, I'm on vacation... sorta. I've actually had to work since being out here. Had to withdraw an offer on a home and write a new one on another (accepted!) so there has been some added stress.

So, I was at the store yesterday and decided to look for saline solution that would work in case my saline solution doesn't arrive in time when I get home. Simply Saline wound cleanser appears to be the same stuff as what I ordered, so in case it doesn't come in, I can go to Walgreens and pick this up. I am anxious to try that last week of HCG with the new mix and see what happens!

The sun is shining so I'm off for a walk on the prom! I need to take time to check in on all y'all. I hope things are going great for you!


Nick and Meg said...

Hi! Quick question for you--what kind of steaks should I buy to have on hand in P3? How many oz should I be eating when I have to do a steak day? could you email me back any info you can?

lavenderdiva said...

Not. to. worry. You are on vacation-sort of. You are to relax. This is your official break. Everything within reason. Soon enough you will be back on the band wagon, and lickety-split, off will come that iddy-biddy bit of extra weight!

You sound wonderful-- so glad to hear that your business is BOOMING! and you're having fun!!

love you!

Lis said...

A mere blip my dear! Listen to LD, she is right! Glad you are doing well!
Love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

I will second everything that LD said to you. You will be home and back in the routine of protocol soon. Enjoy yourself for now and don't worry about the blip.