Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 1 P2 after the interruption 118.1 ( - 2.6)

Steak day WORKED!

I mixed my new batch, this time a total of 10 ml rather than 20, so I spray the same 4 sprays under the tongue but get twice the dose, all of it mixed in sterile saline solution and nothing else.

I'm so glad to be starting out at lower weight! I really think I may make it to 114. We'll see! That would be grand.

I'll make 2 appointments tomorrow. 1 for the doctor to figure out why my foot is swelling, and 1 for the body wrap place as I have 2 more appointments prepaid there. I've always had a nice drop after doing that, as well as a euphoric feeling during and after the appointment.

So, if I calculated it right, I'll be in P4 by Bastille Day, July 14. How appropriate!

Okay, well thanks for everything. I'm off to sip my coffee with vanilla stevia. :)

Edited to add...

I just bought this!


Lis said...

Fantastic results!! I am sure you will be under 115! Enjoy the day!

helderheid said...

Thanks! I feel confident I'll make it and then it's FULL steam ahead with yoga, pilates, and the Wii Fit!

lavenderdiva said...

Love love love your new bikini! You MUST post pics of YOU in it!!

did you mix this time with 2000iu's? 10ml of saline with 2000iu's hcg? Just wondering for my next round....

I have absolutely NO doubt that you're gonna see the low teens before this round is over for you!!! love you much-

helderheid said...

Thanks LD! By the way, you owe ALL OF US an update!!!

I mixed 5000 iu with 10 ML saline solution to give me 255 per dose twice a day. I'm SO curious to see if it makes a difference!


Anonymous said...

It's good to read your steak day worked. It's like magic!

I love the new bikini! You have to show us a pic when you get it.
You're are going to look so cool in your hot bikini. *GRIN*

Nessa said...

I'm so sad I can't continue with the HCG - I'm hypoglycemic and my blood sugar was in constant state of crash - I was worried I'd end up hospitalized or allow my body to switch to diabetes. So jealous of you! I guess it's back to eating to perfection and exercising 8 X a week and it taking about 6 months instead of 2 :(. Bummer!

You look amazing! Congrats on being able to wear a teeny tiny bikini - it's super cute!!!