Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 3 P3 116.7 (- 1.1, -3 under LDW)

EEEKS! I'd worry about stabilization if I weren't going right back on the HCG when I get home. I'm celebrating that I have some wiggle room on this trip. Speaking of wiggle room... my size 4 curvy 4P jeans from Ann Taylor have already reached "fat pants" status. I'm SWIMMING in them!

Kids are hungry and the road is calling me...


Lis said...

Fantastic inches lost if you are swimming in 4's!!! Hope you are having a great time!
Love and hugs!

Caitlin said...

Hello!! You look amazing!!! I am so very happy for you!! Enjoy P3 and thanks for checking in on me from time to time on Facebook. :) I will update soon (I think ;)).