Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Post doctor UPDATE

I really liked him. He's got a dry sense of humor, which I appreciate.

The lumps in my neck are not lymph nodes, nor are they anything to be concerned about. It has to do with the tension I hold in my neck.

He looked closely at my foot, and he suspects either a hairline fracture (which would explain pain I experienced in that same foot while working out on the elliptical before) that is being triggered by stepping funny or wearing shoes that are irritating it, or a growth on the middle bone. He's ordered an x-ray for it to confirm or rule that out. He also is checking my thyroid and various hormone levels. He wasn't concerned about cancer, cirrhosis, nothing scary at all!

What a relief!

I'll get the x-ray Thursday most likely and I'll keep y'all posted.



Kathryn said...

I am SO relieved for you. Did he recommend massage or anything else for the tension in your neck? You can do massage now that you're on P3 (I think?). Apparently the protocol says no on P2 but P3 shoudl be fine. Excellent news!

helderheid said...

He didn't mention it, but that sounds like a GREAT plan!!

lavenderdiva said...

My first thought, after reading your post, was that you need a regular massage- Kathryn beat me to it! I carried so much stress in my upper back/shoulder area after my parents died suddenly, that I could hardly hold my head up, and I couldn't sleep. For one year afterward, I gifted myself with regular massages, one a week. The masseur came to my home once a week, and it was pure heaven. It took several months to truly work through all the kinks and stress, but it did work. I absolutely swear by the benefits of massage. I think you would really benefit from it, because you seem to get so much out of your wraps. The approach can be very similar.

I'm so happy to hear that your Dr. seems a perfect fit for you right now. Glad to hear your bump isn't anything serious to worry about, and that he may have an answer about your foot. I hope the X-ray holds an answer for you. Do you wear the same shoes frequently?

I KNOW you must be looking forward to those bacon-wrapped filets!!! Only 2 more days--

much love to you!

helderheid said...

You know, I may be trading HCG coaching with a masseuse soon! YAY!

As far as shoes go, I got rid of my clogs which seemed to cause a problem. I'm really not sure what could have triggered this last episode, but I was relieved when he pinpointed 1 particular bone and that the pain was noticeable when he had me flex my toes. This with minimal swelling, so I know it's not just soreness because it was swollen. All the time I had that horrid pain while working out, I thought it was a bunion causing the trouble, when I may have actually injured myself.

Thanks so much again for being here for me. You have NO idea how much it means to me and how much you mean to me!

helderheid said...

OK, guys. I'm expecting a gain. I was wound up like a top and I am now on vodka sparkly water with vanilla stevia drink #2. Good think I have a lean P2 steak in case I need that tomorrow!

helderheid said...

Good think? THING. Lordy...

Nick and Meg said...

SO glad it's nothing serious! sounds like a great dr. CONGRATS on your LDW! :) 117 is amazing! :-) Good luck in P3....I'm starting P3 on Friday and am terrified as I've never been able to do P3 correctly! help!
Meg in utah

Anonymous said...

I bet you are more relaxed knowing that there is nothing serious to worry about...even more relaxed after a massage!

I was getting awful headaches and couldn't find a reason. My chiro pointed out that the tension on my back from the higher cut workout top could be doing it. He was right!
Who would of thought?