Monday, November 29, 2010

LM 112.2 (-1.8 of LDW)

Man, I'm late in updating!

I have been at 112.2 for 4 days. I'm still counting calories (well, not counting them per se but more being accountable by writing down what I'm eating so I'm conscious about the choices I make). I am truly blown away right now. My body is responding to calories in, calories out, not necessarily food combining which is what I depended on for years. I have small amounts of sugar every day, bread and potatoes. Before my weight would shoot through the roof when I did that. I am steady. I suspect the following:

I was 113 for yeeeeaaarrrs and I believe my body has grabbed on tight to this weight since it was a familiar one for so long.

I added the bread sticks last round.

I was much better about taking the multi-glandular support 10 days before P3 and throughout P3.

I think my thyroid medication, which was doubled a few months ago, has kicked into high gear.

Adding the carbs in small amounts is allowing my body to become used to them.

I'm walking a lot more.

So, there you have it. I am fascinated and delighted!

I see some of you (though not enough!) have updated so before I turn this off, I'll check on y'all.



Darby said...

LOVE to hear that at the end of my eeight loss, it can actually stabilize...and so happy for you!!

Question: your thyroid medication?
tell me more if you will. When my bloodwork came back for my hormone levels, one of the numbers that they expect to see at 0 was >1000!
This is the "anti-tpo" on my report, which I'm told is antibodies working AGAINST my thyroid: clinically known as hashimoto's thyroiditis. I'm suppose to be reading more about it so I can make a decision about going on medication that I will likely be on for life. Kinda scary to think about.

Schatzi said...

Congrats on maintaining!! That's wonderful!

BTW - My word verification for this comment is "cheese".. So not right! :)

helderheid said...

I'm on my medication for life - Armour Thyroid - I am very happy with it and it's not terribly expensive. So sorry to hear about your woes! I've found the majority of us who could only really have any major weight loss success only via HCG also have thyroid problems...

helderheid said...

Schatzi - LOL!!!

ssm25350 said...

Thats so great! Your story is so encouraging!

Lis said...

WOOHOO!!! Stabilization happy dance for you!!! Glad you are well - when is your trip? Hugs to you girl!

Incredible Shrinking Me said...

Awesome to hear that you have stabilized so well!!! That is great news. And yes, you must tell us about how your trip went!


Susan said...

I just ordered the multi glandular support. I noticed in your post that you started it 10 days before P3, and also noticed on the website that it has sucrose in it. Did you notice any problems with adding a sugar in? Thanks so much for talking about this supplement, anything I can do to stabilize successfully will be a godsend!

And I'm with the other commenters, when are you taking off, please let us know how the trip goes :-)