Saturday, November 6, 2010

R5 Day 9 P3 113 (-1.4, -1 of LDW )


I'll take it!!!

Thanks so much, Susan! I was thoroughly freaked out yesterday but you put my mind at ease! I did a little more research and orange roughy will often cause that symptom! Eegads, as much as I love the flavor, I am never again touching that fish!!


Off to check in on you before I get going to the store. It will be 70 degrees today! We are so going to BBQ!


Incredible Shrinking Me said...

Wahoo!!! Nice loss. Enjoy the weather. It is FREEZING on the East Coast.

Lis said...

LOVE it!!! You are ready for your trip!!!

Jen Payne said...

Crazy the things you come across sometimes :) I am happy for your loss! You are going to have such a great trip, and of course look fabulous at the same time. I am jealous of your traveling adventures. I really want to go to Italy next year for my 40th!

helderheid said...

Thanks guys!!