Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LM 114.4 (+.4 LDW)

Again, sorry to be so absent, but I warned you! Busy busy! So busy I'll keep this ultra short but I wanted to say that I think I may truly have stabilized, and I think LavenderDiva was spot on about adding in the grissini during P2 to avoid being carb sensitive. The last few days I've had a rueben sandwich (regular bread and all!) AND mashed potatoes with cheese, and I actually dropped weight! I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic... :)

Okay, I have got to get back to it. Lots to do, so little time!



Susan said...

Good job!

I actually added Grissini in during R2P2 and didn't stabilize well, so I'm planning on leaving it out during R3 (I didn't eat it during R1). Different for everyone, I guess.

Darby said...

NICE WORK! Isn't that great? Love it!