Friday, November 5, 2010

R5 Day 8 P3 114.4 (+.2, +.4 of LDW )

I'm surprised by my weight today as I hardly ate a thing with all my running around, but I also didn't get enough water in. Not a big deal, but I'd really like to be 112 by the time we take off.

This may be TMI for some of you so if you're grossed out, skip this paragraph. I had a strange and scary BM this morning where there was oil in my stool. I was afraid to google the symptoms as I tend to panic easily, but decided I better. There could be any number of causes but one that stood out was gallbladder issues. I remember reading in P&I about gallbladders having a rude awakening after P2 and I've experienced loose stools, but never oil in my stool. The other thing is that I ate orange roughy yesterday. I remember it made me gain in P2 and that it seemed particularly oily to me so I am wondering if that had anything to do with it. I am going to keep an eye on it and if it persists I'll get myself to the doctor but for now I'm not going to worry. I told my husband about it (the cool head between us) and he said he'd had it before. Didn't blink an eye.

Sorry if that was horrid but I thought I ought to share given we've all done rounds and in case it happens to you, then we have experiences to compare.

Another busy day, but mostly because I've got my kids home so we're going to the movies in about an hour. They deserve it. Both got As on their report cards. Celebrate!

Hearts and kisses to you! Time to check to see how all y'all are!


Susan said...

Just to set your mind at rest, oily stool is common after orange roughy. One blogger I follow who's on the HCG Diet typically has a slight gain the day after eating orange roughy, then the following day, she has an oily BM and a good loss. So don't panic!

Darby said...

hunh, learn something new everyday. And you didn't make me squirm...I often talk and wonder about my BMs. hehe

helderheid said...

Susan, you've no idea what a relief that is! THANK YOU for telling me!!

Darby, glad I didn't gross you out! LOL! :D