Tuesday, February 12, 2013


That's more like it. It looks like the steak worked, as has adding extra protein. This is a reminder that every round is different.

So the hormones! I added in progesterone and my free T3 went up! My progesterone went from .75 (normal range I think is 6-11) to 6.75. WOW! I'm sleeping better and am having less anxiety.

I'm not really in the mood to write right now but felt I needed to report the successes! Thank you guys!



Lis said...

Very nice!! So glad its working for you!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love seeing the scale moving down!

Caitlin said...

What wonderful numbers all around!

lavenderdiva said...

Wow! It's ALL good news!! So glad the scale is moving in the right direction, and that you are feeling so much better-

Toni Tanner Scott said...

How are you doing on your round? I'm working on a blog post about people who have lost weight on hCG and kept it off. Would you be willing to share your experiences?