Thursday, February 6, 2014

VLCD Day 8 - 140!

Yes! I must have started my cycle. I am so very happy to see this 1.6 pound drop overnight. My average per round is usually .5 a day. If I can get just a couple more days like this, I'll be back on track. I'm really hoping between the hormonal shift and the new thyroid dose, I'll see great progress. 33 days and 21 pounds to go. It sounds completely mad to believe that is in the realm of possibilities, but I know it is, especially if my body will make up for what it was holding onto the last week.

So, I'm in love with asparagus soup. I boil it with not a lot of water and garlic salt, and a pinch of cayenne. I then puree it. A bundle of asparagus is about 70 calories after the ends have been snipped off and I never eat the grissini, and simply make up those calories with veggies. This is so satisfying and delicious. 

I looked up cucumber recipes as I have about 7 large ones here. We're about to be snowed in until probably Monday, and the idea of eating them cold isn't appealing so I looked up baked cucumber recipes and soup recipes. I know! Cucumber soup? Hot?? It's not bad, people! I really quite liked it! I'll be having asparagus soup, cucumber soup, and onion soup until the weather gets nicer. :)

I mentioned in my last post the facebook page. I've been posting links to these recipes there, in case you're interested:


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lavenderdiva said...

Yay for your loss today!! doing the happy dance for you! You are on the right track and it will eventually come off.