Sunday, February 16, 2014

VLCD 18 138.2

Yesterday I weighed in at 135.8

Something is wrong.

I weigh my food, I log every gram, I drink my water.

I'm  near tears with frustration. 

Since this isn't working, I'm going to change tactics. I don't have enough apples for an Apple day, but I have enough protein to eat nothing but that. Screw it.


It will be painful. I made and ate 2 huge bowls of creamed spinach soup. Basically 2 bags of spinach boiled, salted, and blended into a slimy pulp. I remember in past rounds this always resulted in a gastronomical event that was extremely painful but with beautiful results on the scale.

I also remember a round where increasing my calories to 750 resulted in jump starting my losses, and having great ones. I'm doubling my protein today. 

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lavenderdiva said...

I'm so sorry that this round is proving so trying for you! I'm hoping that your spinach soup and the increase in daily calories will work to turn it around. I have a feeling that the increased calories will do the trick- Hugs to you!!