Friday, February 21, 2014

VLCD 23 132.6

Yesterday I had a small tick up to 135.6. I about fell off the scale this morning with a 3 pound drop from that! 

Extra protein seems to be making a difference. I have to wonder when there's less fat to release if the body feels the need to hand onto it with less protein. I'm less than 7 pounds from being considered a normal weight. I know when I had more to lose, fewer calories worked better.

I've also been working hard on dissecting the emotional poisons that I have been dealing with, and finally feel very close, if not there, to letting it all go. I need to understand it before I can do that, including others' roles. I've made tremendous progress. I feel really good.

So, here's my average so far this round: .42 pounds a day. I normally count on about .5. It'll be interesting to see if that average improves, which, knock on wood, I think there's a real possibility it will!

Thanks for listening!

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lavenderdiva said...

Yay!! Doing the happy dance for you with this terrific loss! I have always fared better by adding more protein to my intake, whenever I am on Hcg. so glad you saw this loss!!

How are you going about dealing with your emotional issues? I don't mean to pry, but only to learn your method. I have a number of emotional issues to deal with myself, and am wanting to learn what is working for you.

You'll be to your goal in no time- keep up the protein!