Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I somehow screwed my days up... VLCD day 7 - 141.6

Day 1 load 142
Day 2 load 141.6
Day 1 VLCD 142.6
Day 2 VLCD 143.6
Day 3 VLCD 143.4
Day 4 VLCD 143.4
Day 5 VLCD 142.4
Day 6 VLCD 142.2 (yesterday)

Day 7, today, 141.6.

How did I get so screwed up??

So, in 9 days, 7 VLCD days, I've lost a whopping .4 pounds! WOOTTTTTTT!!!

Ok, so shift. I know I'm doing everything right (though my plans of adding exercise has not been as successful as I'd like - so far, just 1 day and today I'm racing to get to work).

I have to treat this as a cleanse and let go. I'm on my new thyroid meds. Today I should start my "period" (and when I start my progesterone up again, I'll be skipping every Friday so my "periods" won't be as dramatic). What more can I do?


lavenderdiva said...

You're doing all you can. I do ask about the workouts though. Do you think your body is retaining fluid from doing too hard a workout? Would it be possible for you to not work out next week, to see how your body reacts to no exercise? Are you drinking enough water? Other than that, just hang in there, and eventually the losses will come. Hugs to you!

helderheid said...

Plenty of water and i only worked out once, on the 30th. Ah well... 33 more days. :)