Tuesday, February 11, 2014

VLCD #13 - 137.8

Well, back to the land of frustrating rounds, however, I am not going to complain. Here's what the last few days looked like:

VLCD 11 139.6 - no change from the previous day

VLCD 12 139.4 - meh.

Today, almost a 2 pound drop! I remember past rounds that were like this. Several plateau days followed by a beautiful drop. If I can continue like this, I still have a shot of reaching my goal of 119, or at least close to it. I must remain focused, especially on the days when it feels like this isn't working for me despite my efforts.

I'm working on the emotional crap that I'm releasing along with the weight, however, it's extremely personal and I'm thinking it may not be necessary to share here.it just goes to show that it's important to be vigilant with one's emotional health as well as physical. I neglected both, especially this last year when things came to a head for me in several areas of my life. I finally feel a sense of naked freedom when it comes to that.

On a much lighter note, I have discovered that so long as I can have soup on this protocol, I'm happy. My favorite is asparagus (creamed) and tomato basil. I'm so pleased that I'm still enjoying it! I've also discovered a fun recipe for my cooked frozen strawberries. Normally I make them with cinnamon and vanilla stevia, but I've started adding a splash of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of cayenne. Oh my GOD. This is really fantastic stuff!!

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Running Stitches said...

Nice drop! Keep up the good work and don't let emotional eating get you off track. I know...easier said than done at times. :)