Friday, February 14, 2014

VLCD 16 136.8


Same meal yesterday as the day before, except I had my strawberries. About 370 calories total.


lavenderdiva said...

I have to wonder if you are eating enough for your body to actually release any weight? I have always found that if I eat a bit more than is usually recommended, and include a little fat (avocado, tiny bit of sour cream, 1 pat of butter), I release consistently. I up my protein from the recommended portions daily, and am far more satisfied and also lose regularly. I also think its healthier for you. How would you feel about trying it for a day or two and see if you see similar results? I know you must be so frustrated at this point! Hugs to you for hanging in there!!!!

helderheid said...

I think I may try that. Thanks, LD. I did release another pound, but this roller coaster is getting very frustrating!