Wednesday, February 29, 2012

148 day 2 load

I figured I'll need 60 days on HCG to lose what I want to lost. First I thought 1 42 day round and 1 21 day round, then I thought 3 short rounds, and now I've decided 2 30 day rounds. I am so ready to get back into the clothes I had to buy after releasing all that weight before.

I did some research, and psyllium husk is apparently okay on P2! So glad to find this out, as this is how I've been making sure I get enough fiber in my diet and it's made all the difference in my digestion. If you have a sluggish bowel, take psyllium husk!

I have started taking Maca for hormone balance. Anyone out there have experience with Maca and HCG?

Today I had 2 huge steaks cooked in butter for my load today. No sugar. No junk. Coffee with cream, and 2 steaks. And wine. No wine for a month! I'll be very curious about the weigh in tomorrow.

VLCD 1 in over a year tomorrow!



lavenderdiva said...

Love the idea of extended rounds: you might as well get it off of you and over with!

What is maca and how does it help with hormone balance? I haven't heard about it before.

Your steaks sound yummy!!

XOXO back to you!

helderheid said...


I think this may be a huge part of my answer!

lavenderdiva said...

Thanks- I've bookmarked the links, and will read them tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I just learned about psyllium husk on Dr. Oz's show. I'm not a big fan of the show but at times watch out of curiosity. I take magnesium to keep things moving.

Enjoy your steaks!

helderheid said...

I learned about psyllium husks from his daughter when I was watching The Chew! Apparently she lost 30 pounds in college by doing a protein shake that included it!

Thanks! :)

lavenderdiva said...

Hey there- I'm somewhat dejected- I went to mix my hcg, and discovered that all of my boxes of ovidac 2000 have expiration dates of Sept. 2011!!! Tomorrow I'm going to get a pregnancy test, to see if they are any good anymore, but I doubt it.

SO. I guess I will have to wait and re-order. Can we still order from ADC? I went on their website and can't seem to find any links to ANY hcg anywhere. What's up with that? Where do you order from? And how long did it take you to get your order?

lavenderdiva said...

update: GREAT. I just found out that the FDA has cracked down on all overseas pharmacies and none of them are shipping hcg to the U.S. they have taken their hcg products completely off of their websites. I'm stuck!

helderheid said...

I just sent you a note on fb, LD :)