Friday, February 17, 2012

It's official. I need another round. 147

I had so much shame wrapped into this before, I had a hard time coming to grips but the fact of the matter is, I've always been careful and this isn't my fault. My body does fine for 3 months post HCG and then I need to be ultra careful. Even then, things come undone. I would have done another round had it not been for the medical stuff I was dealing with. Because I couldn't nip it in the bud, it creeped up on me.

After a lot of research, I don't trust the company conducting the heavy metal urine tests. If it were just a scam, meh. The fact that treatment can cause death; I need another opinion. They only test your urine with a drug to provoke the metals and then compare them to normal tests of the average population. They're supposed to test your urine without the provoking agent and then with it and compare those results.

So, all this said, I'm planning on one 42 day round and one 21 day round. This should get me to where I need to be. I also know that for maintenance as a hypothyroid person, this will need to be done annually or bi-annually. Period. You know what? There's no shame in that. 3 weeks once or twice a year? Sign me up.


lavenderdiva said...

You shouldn't feel any shame at all! You are a normal woman, whose weight is going to fluctuate. You are doing something about it. Period.

When are you going to start your first round?


helderheid said...

Thanks, LD! I hope to start Wednesday! I'm so nervous. It's been over a year... *HUG*!!

lavenderdiva said...

Wednesday is loading day #1?

helderheid said...

LD, if I get my supplies on time! I'm thinking one load day, or if 2, day one crazy stuff I never eat but want, and day 2 big fat juicy steak day. I have all I need but the sodium. I am really getting into the right headspace for this. The best thing is knowing it works for me. <3 you LD!

Susan said...

Way to go honey! I very much want to do another round, but now that I am in Canada again, I'm running into roadblocks everywhere unless I want to spend thousands at clinics... soooo frustrating!

I wish you the best of luck with your round and I'll be reading and cheering you on!!