Monday, September 24, 2012


Hi guys.

It's been far too long.

I'm back on round umteenth!

So much has changed between the last post and now. I am in a new home in a new state! I am also doing a new round. This time, not to lose weight. It's a pattern interrupt. Much needed.

I chose to start this new post right before falling into bed exhausted, so I'll cut it short.

With the move, I've not been following you guys. I will now. I'm so sorry to have not kept in touch!

I have a lot I need to say. Lots of insights. Lots of feedback needed.

I will be better about being in touch! Moving is a bitch!!

Love you!!!


Anonymous said...

What a surprise to see your post this morning! Congrats on the new house!

lavenderdiva said...

dear friend! what a lovely surprise to find your post today- I'm thrilled to bits for you and your new life!! wishes do come true!

I don't know how in the world you are able to juggle a new home, new life, new schools, new work, new everything, and yet add in a new round, but my hat is off to you. I admire your focus and determination.

You have managed to maintain your previous losses pretty well, which is a huge feather in your cap. I only wish I could say the same!

I'm looking forward to following your journey, and hope that your path will inspire me to tackle another round and jump start my own transformation.

much love to you- XX