Friday, January 11, 2013

128 and much to report.

The move, the holidays, the family, and the school has had me disconnected. I'm back.

I'm also very excited.

I've noticed that although I can release more weight with this protocol than any other way, after a few months, I need it again. 

For 12 years, I've struggled with hormonal imbalance. I've gone from doctor after doctor, only to be told I was depressed. Of course I was! Just look at my first post in this blog.

I met with a female hormonal specialist today who knows everything hormonal for women, including a total knowledge of the HCG diet. I asked her if I could do a round while we straighten me out, and she said it wasn't a problem so long as I start after my next blood draw. She quoted from Dr. Simeon with no problem. She said HCG was quite the miracle hormone as it pretty well fixed all other imbalances while in the system but as soon as it was gone, any hormonal imbalance prior to it entered the picture once more. This explains so much.

 I can't tell you how relieved I am. I have more blood work at the end of the month after 3 months of supplementing my progesterone, and we'll figure out if I need more or less progesterone supplementation (my level was .75 prior to the supplements and she said normal is between 5-8). My thyroid is wonky and we may need to adjust there as well. She also was totally aware of the HCG diet and gave me the go ahead to start another round after my blood is drawn. I was blown away by how much she understood hormones and how they all related. It looks like my ovaries are thinking about calling it quits, but she's on it. I can't wait to have my energy back!

I've not been reading your blogs, but I'm determined to and to concentrate on my health and balance.

I've got more coming I'm not quite yet ready to share.



Lis said...

Glad you are well my friend!! I am looking to get my hormones checked as well, I think there is more to the weight than meets the eye. Keep us posted on what she finds after your round!! Do you know what levels she checked for you?
So good to see you back!!!

helderheid said...

Everything stopped this week.

helderheid said...

New beginnings!!!!

lavenderdiva said...

Dear friend! I'm so glad to see you back here, and will be looking forward to hearing more about your journey!! Your new Dr. sounds fantastic, and I'll be eager to hear how the both of you will be working on bringing your hormones back to normal.

much love to you- XX

helderheid said...

I'll scan my blood work so you can see. Guys, call pharmacies that do compound hormones and ask which doctors to contact!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!

AKA Autumnrose

Caitlin said...

Hi, Clarity! Glad to see you back! I am getting ready to come back on the scene too. :) Can't wait to follow and hear more!

Anonymous said...

:) Just found your blog. Looking forward to reading more. I'm also using HCG. So far I'm down over 80 pounds.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is going well for you! :) It's great reading about people who are making their doctors aware of their diets. Good luck!