Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long overdue update and an apology for falling off the planet. 124.6 today

I'm a slacker and I've been just awful about keeping up with y'all. I really feel badly that I've not at least been following your progress.

Taxes, and the guilt of not doing them, kept me from the blogosphere, though somehow not from facebook. Gads is that ever addictive!

My taxes are done, so I'm back, though I need to get back in the habit of checking on you guys when I have my coffee.

So, I have a terrific new doctor who has run a gazillion tests on me. She's working very closely with me on supplements, diet, and my thyroid medication. I couldn't be in better hands. She's fantastic. Next week she's testing me for heavy metal poisoning to see if that could possibly be related to the nerve thing. She thinks it may be that doubling the thyroid medication as my last doctor did so suddenly could have triggered some domino effect given it happened shortly after that.

Yesterday I gave blood for the first time, something my doctor encouraged me to do since I no longer have periods. Boy, am I glad I did now that there has been yet another quake in Japan. It just breaks my heart what's happening there.

I've been doing pilates off and on, but am working to make it more of a habit, and yesterday I bought a used elliptical machine (though I couldn't use it yesterday because I'd just given blood). I am anxious to hop on it shortly, and then do pilates. I am hoping to get into a routine of half an hour on the machine and half an hour of yoga/pilates.

Depending on what my doctor thinks given my nerve issues, I may start another round next month. I won't without her consent though. I did go ahead and ordered from pharmacy escrow as it seems ADC has been compromised. My friend's credit card was stolen from them and when I go to their facebook page, I see one complaint after another about this very thing happening to many others.

That's it for now. I'm feeling a lot better - a lot less stress since starting certain supplements and acupuncture. I have another appointment for that tomorrow morning.

XOXO and off to check on you guys!

Funny for today... GOD I love Oregon!


Schatzi said...

I tried to order from ADC and they are no longer taking credit card orders and I was wondering what was going on!! They are only taking VISA cards & you have to call it in. I was going to use a PrePaid one, but if Pharmacy Escrow is comparable, I'll just go ahead & order from there.

Sounds like you have alot of positives to look ahead to! That's great news you found a doc that you love! I think that is SO important!!!

helderheid said...

Ah... yes, that's sad about ADC. PE is more expensive and takes a little longer, but I've had positive experiences with them in past.

Thanks for checking in! I hope you're well! :)

Schatzi said...

Holy Mole! The prices @ PE is alot higher than ADC. Have they always been that high or do you think they jacked the prices up because ADC was having problems?

Schatzi said...

Ha.. We posted @ the same time. Good to hear their service is good. Something to look into.

helderheid said...

LOL! JINX! Yea, they say they'll price match - you could ask them if they will with ADC. I should have.

Caitlin said...

YAY! So glad you are feeling so much less stress! And you are doing wonderfully holding near your lowest weight with everything you have been dealing with! Great job! :) Love ya!

helderheid said...

Thanks Caitlin! LOVE YOU TOO!!