Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update post acupuncture

I had an AMAZING experience with the doctor. She listened, wasn't intimidating, nor judgmental. She did make me promise to make an appointment with a neurologist to rule out a lesion or MS. They are booked until June, but right now my orthopedic surgeon is trying to work out being able to order some tests and an MRI to rule out or confirm before I need to see a neurologist.

I'm nervous, I won't kid you, but I'm taking steps to make sure I'm okay.

She worked on my stress and my blocked energy and I immediately felt so much better stress wise. I have 2 more treatments a week apart to get a grip on my energy. I'm also adding in more complex carbs to my diet. I have felt so out of balance and I knew intuitively she was right. I came home and had a piece of Julian carb smart bread with salsa and cheddar cheese melted on top when I came home and I'm grilling some asparagus.

I've been afraid to exercise because of my foot drop experiences (I didn't know there was an official term for it!) but she told me not to be afraid - start yoga, even if it's only a couple days a week.

She assured me that the chances of anything really being wrong with me at my age are very small.

Thanks for checking in on me! I really appreciate it.


Off to check on you


Caitlin said...

I am thinking of you, and am so happy you were able to talk to someone who can think a little outside of the box from conventional medicine. Sometimes that is what you need- it is neat she wanted you to go in and get some tests... if only both sets of medical thought would work together more often and openly. :) *HUGS*

helderheid said...

Thank you Caitlin! I couldn't agree with you more. :)

Incredible Shrinking Me said...

Definitely good news so far! June is far away but keeping fingers crossed that your tests come out with some answers for you!

I never thought of going to an acupuncturist to have stress relieved. With your experience, I know it works now!!! Talk with you soon!

Nick and Meg said...

It's so wonderful when you are able to find a doctor that listens and makes you feel important!
I went to see a neurologist near fashion place mall last week who was a complete quack!!! If you go to a good one, let me know cause I need a second opinion!

Question for you... Can I do hcg while taking birth control pills? I have 3 vials staring at me and waiting for me to start my next round, but I just started taking birth control pills...thoughts??

Meg in utah

helderheid said...

Thank you ALL so MUCH!!!!

helderheid said...

Meg, I think you can. I've heard others had no problem doing so, but I don't have a uterus!! :)

I am seeing someone with the University of Utah - THAT is where I'd go. If you don't mind me asking, what's going on with you?