Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LM 117.1 (+3.1 LDW)

Oh my lovies...

I am so sorry I've been absent. So much is going on with the holidays and work that I've just not been on the way I'd hoped.

I've only been in range twice since coming home from Holland 3 weeks ago. My weight seems to stick to 116-118 these days, which is fine by me. My clothes still fit. When the kids go back to school, I swear I'll start pilates and yoga again. If I can just keep at it for 21 days, I know I'll stick with it long term. It takes that long to make or break a habit. I felt SO GOOD in Holland with all the walking I did that I know if I can just get a routine, my body will be thrilled with me.

Someone (sorry I forgot who since it's been so long since I posted) asked about the photo. I'm trying to post a photo from my trip with each entry. The next one is of my daughter with her Opa:

It was so wonderful to spend time with my husband's family. I am truly blessed that we all love each other so much. They are incredible people.

Someone else (again sorry!) asked about continuing to try to lose or to just accept where they are. I really don't have an answer. It's all so personal. I'm thrilled to be where I was 10 or so years ago, but I'm also happy to know I have a healthy BMI. Right now I want to focus on toning up and eating more balanced. LOTS more veggies. I think a detox round for me twice a year will be enough, and we'll see what happens with the weight. 

I want to wish ALL of you the very best during the holidays and an incredible 2011. I will be shopping for my poster board to do my yearly collage on New Year's with my daughter. The blog background will be changing to the new one shortly!



Lis said...

Love the photos... it is so wonderful that your family gets along as a whole! Your trip sounds like it was fantastic! Your plan for working out sounds like a good one for adding back your exercise. Its one of the things that I need to do as well - like you said, even walking makes you feel better and helps to tone things up! Enjoy your New Years! HUGS!

helderheid said...

Thank you, Lis! I so enjoyed your pictures as well! :) Yes, if we could just start walking again, what a difference that will make! *HUGS*

Schatzi said...

Opa is what my kids called my father :)

This New Year will bring so many New Beginnings for us! Your goals sound reachable!! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I decided to chose an intention word for 2011, you have inspired me to make a new year vision board, too!

Have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2011!!