Sunday, December 19, 2010

LM 120.2 !!! (+6.2 LDW) -

Dude. What the hell? 2 days ago I was 116.1 (2.1 pounds over LDW) - I've gained 4.1 pounds in 2 DAYS.


Sore breasts
Broken out
Full moon around the corner.


Yesterday I weighed in at 117.9. I should have done a steak day, but I knew guests were coming and I've held off before to do a steak day the next day and figured that's what I'd do. I also figured I'd still be about the same weight, not GAIN an additional 2+ pounds!!! Damnit.

Anyway, I'm doing a steak day today and P3 clean until Christmas. Christmas eve we're having dinner with friends, but I'm in charge of the menu and we'll be having Turkey (P3 friendly), Mashed potatoes and for me, mashed cauliflower (P3 friendly), green beans (P3 friendly) and dessert that I shall avoid, UNLESS I am 116 or less by Friday.

I had previously planned on doing another short round in January, but I really need a break from HCG. I would love to make this a twice a year thing. We'll see though. I can always fall back on HCG, thank God. This protocol has saved my life.

So, something I got to experience while in Holland was this total sense of freedom of fear of food. The scale weighed in in increments of pounds, not ounces, which takes a LOAD of psychological pressure off of you. In fact, I may get myself a scale that measures in half pounds and switch it to kilos. Personally, I'd love a scale I could design where I say here is my "safety zone" and if I'm out of it, tell me! :) Maybe someday I will... :)

I'm sorry I've not been writing more. Getting back into the swing of things was harder than I'd thought it would be. Lots of exciting developments happening that I will be able to share soon.


(that's me taking the pic in the trench coat)

EDITED TO ADD: Looks like May 19 is 6 months post last round. Even if I can maintain at THIS weight until then, I'll be okay with it. I hope to be back to 114-116 before then though.


Susan said...

Ouchies! You're being very philosophical about the gain, which is great. I'm sure that you'll lose some weight as you move through TOM. Hang in there!

helderheid said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Susan!!

Anonymous said...

I really think a few corrections days/clean p3 days will get you back down. Hang in there!

helderheid said...

116.7 this morning after the steak day!!!