Saturday, March 15, 2014

Post round update

VLCD 41 - 130.8 - obviously a no dose day. I did a steak day with lean steak and my first day of P3 was 127.2! 

I then dropped to 126.4, then up to 126.6. Today I am 127. Totally in range. I'm wearing a size 6 (though admittedly it fit better at 126.4/126.6 than at 127 - being as short as I am, it makes all the difference).

It was, by far, the hardest round I've ever done, but even though I didn't lose the 20+ pounds I'd counted on losing, 15 is still phenomenal. I'm thrilled to be back in the 120s and only about 10-12 pounds from my ultimate goal weight. I'll do a short round somewhere down the road and will be vigilant about staying at or under my last dose weight. 

Thanks for walking with me on this one!



helderheid said...

125.6 today!

lavenderdiva said...

wooHOO! Good job- I think it turned out to be a good round for you, even though it was a very hard one. You stuck with it, and reaped the benefit!! Congratulations!!!

Caitlin said...

Just updated myself on your round! YAY!!! You did it! I have been missing HCG, or perhaps the excitement of it all. I gained some inspiration from your dedication. I am working on another little plan that will hopefully give me a little boost, but it is always the determination to stick with it that is the hardest part. Thank you! Hope you are well and sorry I have been out of touch! Miss you!

helderheid said...

It's so good to hear from both of you!!

Today I weighed in at...

124! I'm dropping now. Why?? I shall not fret. I'm happy! I'm only 9 pounds from my ultimate goal. I shall remain vigilant! Love you guys so much!

Genius said...

Thats Great!

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