Friday, March 7, 2014

VLCD 37 129.4 happy, oh happy day!

To be back in the 120s was such a wonderful feeling this morning. Even if I didn't lose any more, I could stabilize low enough to be back in a normal weight. Ahhhhh, this is assuming I don't gain. :) I had hoped to be about 7 pounds lighter at this point, but I'll tell you what, this beats the hell out of 142. 

5 more days to go.


lavenderdiva said...

Yay! things are moving in the right direction!! Who knows what rabbit you may be able to pull out of the hat in the next 5 days!!

I'm doing fine- doing 3 weeks on/1 week off. Repeat/rinse/repeat. This is my one week off, and I will start up again on Monday. Cycling like this will continue until I reach my goal -- hopefully sometime next year. It's just long enough to stay on it, and the one week off gives me just long enough of a break, without undoing the success I reap in those 3 weeks. So far, I've lost approx. 18lbs. only 90lb more to go! HA. wish I was standing in your shoes right now...

helderheid said...

It sounds like what you're doing is working! When are you going to start blogging again?

Thanks for being my cheerleader!!