Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Woot, and P4 on Monday!

I had a tomato and red onion salad last night with blue cheese dressing - wonderful. I've been very cautious about adding in carbs, even the good ones like veggies but my body is craving them now so I think I'll get a little braver about adding in salads now. Cucumbers. I want cucumbers. :)

I have 3 new jeans - one is a 4, one is a 6, and one is an 8. Amazes me how different brands fit so differently. Gotta say, they look gooooooooooooood. :)

Thanks for all the support! Beaker, feel better - I know you can get back on track!!


Beaker said...

It's smart to add the carbs in slowly. You're doing so good.

helderheid said...

Thanks so much! I think I'll get a tomato... :)