Thursday, April 23, 2009


Steak days work.

Round 3 (short) will be this September. :)


Beaker said...

Yes, they've always worked for me. It's great to have that safety worked in. When the weight goes up, we don't have to feel like we've blown it.

helderheid said...

It's good to see you around! Thanks for the comments and support!

Steak days are a God send. I am so grateful to have a way to correct!

I think once I finish the short round this fall I'll feel it will be easier to relax a little since I will be right in the middle of a healthy BMI. This time I will load with Nutella! That and creme brulee. Mmmmmmmm oh and maybe cream puffs! Heheh, thinking about it is actually giving me a tummy ache!

Hope you're well!!