Monday, April 13, 2009

Good thing about those 4 pounds... 125.2!

I don't "officially" need a steak day but I had them thawing just in case so I may as well given how very close (.3) I am to needing one.

Easter was great, and I learned something about myself - sugar, unless in chocolate form, is just too sweet for me. The eclair made me sick. One bite of cheesecake was enough. It's a little too early for bread with me.

All good things to know. Steak day and lots of water today and tomorrow Mediterranean style eating. Oh, and exercise. That too. Haven't done that in 2 days though I was sooooo sore the last 2 days from the previous exercise, the break wasn't bad. Time to start again though!

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Beaker said...

I'm back, and catching up.

I had real dessert that was too sweet for me, too. But it had chocolate on top, so I couldn't resist. It made me feel sick. And I gained a few pounds from Easter--but they came off.