Friday, April 3, 2009



Have had symptoms for a week. Finally took a home test and knew something was up. Fortunately it's nothing too serious.

The doc was way concerned about the ketones in my urine until I told him I was doing low carb. I am grateful I am almost in P4 because I need to up the carbs. I'm being too hard on my kidneys. tomorrow I will add my first fruit. Strawberries... oh, heaven! That and more veggies. I think it's time. My body is screaming for balance.


Beaker said...

I think my body is screaming for balance, too. The trouble is, my body is also sensitive to too many things. They cause me to retain water and gain weight. Real weight or not, I haven't been able to determine.

I should have stuck with fresh strawberries and seen how my body did with that. But I went nuts because I was sick and stressed.

You're almost done with P3. Stick to your guns and have a better P4 than I'm having. :o)

helderheid said...

I'm sorry things are fluctuating with you so much. :(

I looked again at the calendar and didn't realize that today is actually my last P3 day and tomorrow I am P4.