Wednesday, April 22, 2009

125.8 - eek! Doing a steak day!

I had a wonderful filet mignon and hope that tomorrow I'll be back into the acceptable range (121.4-125.4). I have, however, decided that I don't like being this close to the high end of a healthy BMI (127 pounds), especially when I need to do a steak day. I've done 2 rounds - one 60 days (I went longer than recommended but it worked), and one 45 days. I've never done a short round but I think I could probably shake 8-10 pounds with a 23 day round. If I then needed to do a steak day, I wouldn't be so close to that high end of healthy but smack dab in the middle of healthy and that would be fine with me.

It's funny to be thinking like this. Before it was I wanted to be small again. Now, I want to be healthy and 10 more pounds I'd be in the totally healthy range with room to go either way without worry.

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Beaker said...

That sounds like a smart plan. It's great that your goal is a more comfortable spot on the healthy weight range.

I have to look at things in reverse. I'm at a very healthy weight. But the fat I carry around my waist is still an unhealthy amount. So for health, my goal has to be getting thinner.

However, health is still my goal.

It's great that HCG has been easy enough for you that you can consider another round this fall.