Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Catching way up

I am shocked at how long it's been between posts. I've just spent the last hour catching up with you. I've missed all y'all!

As I posted in my last post, my business just blew up (in a good way) which has taken almost all my attention. My house is a WRECK. I need to attack it, as I am hosting a wine meetup on Friday (our annual Queen's Day party). We did hire a contractor to totally remodel our laundry/bathroom that desperately needed it. I was embarrassed to have anyone have to use it! I'm so glad to have the wallpaper down, the linoleum out, the broken vanity gone. Fresh paint, new vanity, and TILE! It's so much nicer.

My weight - I avoided the scale for a week and a half, but tracked all my calories with my fitness program. I weighed in yesterday and weighed less than what my program projected which was a nice surprise. My weight seems to hover around 126-127. I'm less than happy about that, yet as I've said, I really need to focus on how my clothes fit and how I feel. I start my loading for R4 on Friday (perfect with the party). I need to make a list of supplies needed for next round, including the loading. Clean the house, shop, pick up wine meet up glasses, write a contract tomorrow on a home in Daybreak, buy a rug, clean, clean, clean, have I mentioned CLEAN?

It's been an interesting back and forth with my husband about the possibility of moving. I can't remember what I wrote here or not, but he made it clear he wanted to avoid Portland. Later I suggested Tacoma. I've lived in Washington State before, though not in Tacoma. I know an agent up there I could work for and I had a Washington real estate license at one point. He seemed shocked that I suggested Tacoma.I think he believed that it was all about me getting closer to my family, and not necessarily about changing cultures. He seemed to genuinely consider it, but after some research, he said he'd rather be in Portland than Tacoma. I told him I would too. He said perhaps he'd consider in in a few years. That's a huge difference from "We're never going to move.". In any case, just talking about it openly and without defenses going up has been such a relief, I can't even tell you.

We're both adjusting. As I've said in past, for many years I'd lost my voice and was just sleep walking through life, unbeknown to either one of us. Finding my voice again and learning how to show up and tell the truth fearlessly has us both learning how to communicate with one another. It's so fortunate that we both love each other so deeply.

Wow, can I shut up already? :)

Edited to add...

My HCG just arrived! It's the Corion brand manufactured in Switzerland. I compared expiration dates and noticed it expires in 2012 versus the HuCog which expires in 2014, so I'm going to try the new HCG! While comparing expiration dates, I noticed is was labeled "highly purified". I know this sounds silly, but this actually got me pumped to start again! It may be a Dumbo's feather affect. :) Yay!


lavenderdiva said...

Wow- you HAVE been busy! I know its hard, but try to remember to focus on how your clothes are fitting, and not so much on the number on the scale. We all do it though, and measure our 'success' by that number- I'm excited to see how you do with the highly purified hcg- How are you doing to mix this round?

So glad to hear you and Mr. helderheid are discussing alternative moves, and the lines of communication are opening-- VERY good news indeed!

love you!

Lis said...

Hey HCG Buddy!! I am glad you are trying the Corion - I wondered about that one, so it will be good to get your feedback!

Hooray for all things moving in a positive direction in your life - home, hearth and husband! Have fun loading over the weekend! Here's to loose clothes!! :)

Jen Payne said...

Crazy crazy busy!! I know what you mean. Since I started working I never have time to get the housework done :) I hope this next round goes great for you!!! About Tacoma, I would avoid that one. I am from Seattle and Tacoma is sort of like West Valley only ALOT worse. Tons of gang and crime activity. Not where you would want to bring up your kids. Portland seems like a much better option ;)

Come in and see me if you get a chance! Oh yeah, Crossfit Draper is a fitness program based on short times but very intense workouts. Think military boot camp! :)

Anonymous said...
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