Saturday, April 24, 2010

Really quick!

My business is suddenly booming. I am THRILLED. It has kept me away from here though.

NEW RULE (insert Bill Maher voice here):

Next round is about clothing size, not about pounds.

I will weigh every day (something I've not done in a week), but this round is about getting back into my 4s comfy. I can zip them up, but they are a no go as far as wearing out. My size 6s however fit PERFECTLY. Who the hell am I to complain about THAT??? I was a size 16 2 years ago! Hello??

I showed homes this morning and made it to my county Dem convention just in time to vote (I'm a delegate). I picked up a buyer while I was there. :)

By 4, I was craving margaritas. I never crave margaritas. It was 70 degrees and gorgeous and you know what? I had a margarita on my deck. Bliss. I have to learn to relax into my life. Relax? What's that? Not sure, but I'm determined to find out.

I have missed all of you like you wouldn't believe.



Anonymous said...

It sounds like your schedule is keeping you busy. And being busy with work is a good thing!

I can totally relate to you craving a drink. I had buffalo chicken and craved a beer to go with it. I hate beer. I don't drink! The food and friends put me in the mood. *SHRUG*

Kathryn said...

Congrats on your business doing so well. Your comment about being in a size 16 only two years ago is really encouraging for me. What an accomplishment you have made!
Thanks for the comment about buying the TV - it really put things in a new perspective. We all really do need to reward ourselves for our accomplishments.

lavenderdiva said...

SO glad to hear your business is thriving and keeping you busy! I think you're gonna have a great round this time-

love you!

lavenderdiva said...

ps. I juiced about 3 dozen limes today, and all I could think about was how good a margarita would taste!! Yummy-

Lis said...

GLad you are on the upswing! How fantastic!

You and I are both in that pounds not inches frame of mind for this round - I am right there with ya sister! I am going to load today and tomorrow - after my trip my weight is just too high and I am ready to be done with it - again. :( So I will be a couple of days ahead - glad we will be around the same place at the same time!!

HCG Loser said...

Just found your blog and just started HCG. Will totally be back here for tips and encouragement! Great job so far!

nikkispower said...

LOL! I'm so happy for you!