Monday, April 5, 2010

Much better

I managed to write him again, this time from a balanced and centered place. I spent a great deal of time going over what he'd said and his objections and truly saw his point of view, and I made sure to express that to him, as well as my regret for how I handled some things. We haven't talked, but we connected physically, so I know he heard me, and I believe he feels he was heard as well.

I don't know what will happen, but I know there is a change in our future. I hope this is a turning point in our relationship as well, especially for me to drop my fear and express myself to him openly and honestly, and to be open to hearing him as well. We've been together so long it's easy to fall into patterns that are comfortable, but not necessarily healthy.

The weight I dropped is mostly back, but I know it was all the salt from yesterday. By the way, that endive recipe was fantastic, but I'd cut the garlic by AT LEAST half next time! I WREAK of garlic today! Stand back!

Thanks again for all your loving support.


Lily said...

I am really happy to see things are getting better. Those types of situations are always hard. Your in my prayers.

lavenderdiva said...

You both love each other, you can see that from your posts. I'm so glad that you are both working on communicating with each other, and sharing your hearts. I'll just bet he comes around, just give him some time. Glad to hear life around the house is getting back to normal...

love you!

Lis said...

I m so happy to hear that you are working toward an understanding of each other. Since you started talking about how you were fated for each other, I can feel that you two have a bond that will withstand this and become even stronger

Love you!