Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting more organized here. VLCD day 4, 147.2

VLCD Day 3 was 147.5
VLCD Day 2 was 148.2
VLCD Day 1 (after load days) was 148.6
Load day 2 148.4
Load day 1 starting weight was 146.6

I have been sloppy with the weights, so here are the exact numbers. I'm still not at my starting weight before the loading. This, so far, is moving incredibly slowly, but I won't let that deter me.

I'd forgotten how emotional this all is. I wasn't thinking along those lines at all when I started, just that I needed to release this weight and this is how I knew how to do that.

I know I worked through a lot the last time, but the thing that strikes me so hard this time is how lonely I am. I know now that some bad habits have been born from that. I spend far too much time on my computer. I didn't realize though how much in self defense that was.

I'll elaborate tomorrow. I feel guilty and uncomfortable writing when I do get what limited time I do have with my husband and he just walked in the room. At least I'm organized with my numbers!

Until tomorrow!


lavenderdiva said...

Hello friend! Slow but consistent losses all add up. You have a great attitude and determination!

Those emotions always seem to bubble up, demanding attention! I suppose they are some of what got us here in the first place, and now they need to be dealt with.

I'm sorry you are feeling lonely- please don't forget that you have so many people here on-line that really do care about you!

love you!!

helderheid said...

Thank you, LD! It means a lot.

This protocol sure does bring those things into focus! When you have to be so disciplined, there's not much to distract you and you're left with what you need to look at and deal with!

I can't wait to hear how you're doing!!!

Love you!!