Tuesday, March 13, 2012

VLCD 13, 142.5

I'm obviously very happy to see another pound released!

I don't really have too much to say. I continue to procrastinate on my sorting. I plan on getting all the laundry done today, and then I'll attack my desk. I'v arranged to have a cleaner (she's so great) come in tomorrow to totally deep clean the house. I think that'll help focus me on doing the work I need to do without getting distracted by clutter. Maybe I'm doing this backwards!

Anyway, I'm wishing y'all wonderful success and I hope to hear how y'all are doing soon!



lavenderdiva said...

Yeah for more released pounds!!!

Procrastination is my strong-suit, so don't feel badly. I'll just bet when your helper comes, you'll feel invigorated and focused, and ready to tackle the project!!

thank you for always being there for me! XO

helderheid said...

Thank YOU, LD! I always look forward to your updates and your comments on mine! Love you!! XOX