Thursday, March 8, 2012

VLCD 8, 145.7!

Yes, yes, yes, finally we're moving!

I am feeling really well. My energy is high and I'm feeling calm and positive. I'd forgotten how well I feel on HCG.  I sleep better, I'm less shaky, and I have a sense of calm.

I need to re-read my blog. I seem to remember that round that started so rocky but ended up being such a good one was the round when I started using the high purity HCG, which is what I'm using now. I really shouldn't depend on my memory though!

My taxes are DONE. I will drop them off today at my CPA, and then I have parent teacher conferences. It's a 3 day weekend for my kids and once they're back in school,  I'm going to start ripping and tearing.

My plan had been to have my last dose on the 28th of this month and spend the 1st week of April  in Oregon with my family for Spring Break. I had planned a 3 week break before another 30 day round, but I'm thinking I may only go 2 weeks and avoid another load day and just jump right back into it. I may also go 40 days versus 30. That may be all I need. I will be ordering more for future rounds probably tomorrow, just in case I need another round to get the last of this off, and for a round next year. Once a year, I'll do a round loading on Fat Tuesday and then VLCDs through lent (probably not the full 40 days though).

Thanks again for all the support!! It's nice knowing I'm not just talking to myself. ;)



Caitlin said...

YAY!!! Great loss! And it is so wonderful how we feel eating better to release all that weight! Way to go on your taxes too...:)

So happy for you... can't wait to check in tomorrow also!

lavenderdiva said...

Yeah is right! Congratulations on that terrific loss today! AND getting those taxes done- That is a HUGE load off (too bad you can't add that to your scale loss today!)

I'm glad to hear that your energy has returned and you are sleeping better.

You're getting there-----


helderheid said...

Caitlin, thanks! I remember feeling good on HCG before, but I'd forgotten just how great I feel on it. I'm really pleased having my energy back! Congrats to you on your incredible progress!!

LD! I just read your progress! I am floored! You're right, having the taxes done is such a relief. Thanks for being here for me!