Tuesday, March 6, 2012

VLCD 6, 148 (1.4 above start weight)

Well, that's the right direction again at least.

Honey, we're pregnant.

Despite being almost done with this bottle, I got it tested. It's definitely working. 

2 things I can think of - 1, it's almost the full moon and that's typically when I have my period (I've not had a uterus since 2003, but still have my ovaries). This would make sense. 2., I've never done this with psyllium husk before. I thought that would replace the melba toast and get me the fiber I need, and I'd read in many places it was fine. I'm going to drop it for now (though I hope that's not the problem as I love how regular it makes me - TMI, sorry). 

I'm going to keep this brief as I need to get my kids to school, and then the next few days are totally devoted to my taxes. I must get them done, and I have a year of receipts to type in to my program before I can even present them to my CPA. Why I don't do this monthly is beyond me! I always wait until the last minute.

LD and Caitlin, I'm dying to hear how it's going!


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lavenderdiva said...

Yeah! Pregnant! That's great- I think you might be onto something with the TOM and the psyllium husk. Keep drinking lots of water to flush your system, and keep moving forward. You WILL release the weight. I know it's frustrating, but just keep looking forward. Those losses are right around the corner!