Wednesday, March 7, 2012

VLCD 7, 146.7 (WOOT!)

You were right, LD! Losses right around the corner, and it appears I just turned it!

I'll continue to cut out the psyllium husk and see what happens, though I highly suspect this has more to do with TOM than anything. If memory serves, I read somewhere how frustrating it is to start a round pre-TOM.

I'll be so curious what tomorrow brings. Also if memory serves, this happened once before and it still ended up an average of .5 pounds per day at the end of the round, regardless of the very slow start.

I'm almost done with my taxes. I believe I'll be done today. That will be a huge relief. Once that's done, I plan on ripping and tearing through my house and getting rid of everything that isn't seasonal that I've not touched in 6 months. It's time to clean house, literally.

LD and Caitlin, a huge thank you to you guys. It really is like old times! This is great. I look forward to continuing to watch us transform!



Caitlin said...

WOOT!!! Is right! Patience is everything... inevitably at some point(s) it is tested on this crazy journey! :)

Way to go! Can't wait to hear from you tomorrow! Love you!

Anonymous said...

WTG! Hope the losses continue!

lavenderdiva said...

Woohoo!!!! Now THAT'S more like it! Even if you kept going at 0.5lbs per day (which is pretty impressive) that will add up to a pretty nice loss overall!

I know you're gonna feel loads lighter just getting those taxes done and in to your CPA!!

As I recall, didn't you take an ACV mixture in one of your first rounds? What exactly was that mixture. I've been reading about rosacea (which I have), being an indicator of low stomach-acid, and the natural remedy to kick-start your system again, is ACV after each meal. I know I would gag just drinking the ACV, but if I recall correctly, you made it into something more palatable?


helderheid said...

Thanks all! TAXES DONE! :)

LD, I took it with water and a little stevia. Tastes a little like lemonade! I hope that helps! I take it daily whether I'm on HCG or not. It's really good for you!