Monday, March 5, 2012

VLCD 5, 148.4 What the actual f**k.

I said I would go with the flow on this one. I was even okay with being still above my starting weight after 4 VLCDs. But to be .2 less than after my loading day on day 5? Are you kidding me?? Up 1.2 pounds overnight?!

I ate totally protocol and was just shy of 500 calories yesterday. My BMs are regular and good. I drink plenty of water. WTF?!?

I have no choice but to carry on but it looks like 2 rounds of 30 days ain't gonna cut it. Damnit.

Edited to add something I needed to see today...


lavenderdiva said...

What the f- is right! Have you tested your hcg to make sure it's good? I can't imagine what the problem is. This is nuts-

BIG hugs to you-

helderheid said...

I tried but bought strips that were awkward.I'll buy an actual stick kind. Still, HCG or not, the low calories alone should have me losing! Errrrgh. I'll buy a decent test today.

Thanks for the support, LD! *hug*

Caitlin said...

Oh man! I know how that is... the frustration. :( But you know the gig, hang in there and it will come! Keep positive and know I am cheering for you!!! Hope tomorrow brings you a release!

I started my diet today... forgot how bad the sugar withdrawals are. Completely terrified of the scale tomorrow, but come what may I know getting away from how I was eating will be better than nothing. :):)

helderheid said...

Caitlin, PLEASE keep me posted! I'm so curious how that will work and am watching closely! :)