Monday, March 26, 2012

VLCD 26, 137.8 Size... 6??

I am SO SORRY I didn't check in regularly.

I am in a whirlwind of crazy with my business, as well as household plans. I had no intention of falling off the planet.

I took my last dose this morning. I will start up again April 14.

I was fine with eating basically the same thing for 3.5 weeks until about 2 days ago. I need a break.

I ordered new HCG and now have enough for 100 days. I'll do 40 days worth before Summer break and keep the remainder for my next year Fat Tuesday round. :)

I bought Levis at Costco - size 6 short fit! I also bought an 8P and 6P dress from Ann Taylor Loft. How are they fitting?

Love you all! I'm so sorry for failing at blogging!


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lavenderdiva said...

nah, no fail at blogging-- life just gets in the way sometimes!

It sounds like you did lose this round, and will get to your goal with the upcoming April round. It does get boring eating the same, very limited things, day after day. So far, I've been very happy with what I've allowed myself. Might you try to 'rogue' it up a little next time? Especially since you are going to do 40 days?

I'm ever so glad to hear that you got your order, without any problems. How much did you order? As you know I am going to place an order, and don't want to over-do my order and get a flag.

That's such good news about your business being busy! AND the new Levis & dresses!! this round alone was worth it!!

love you!