Wednesday, September 29, 2010

100 pounds lifted off my shoulders!!!!!!

Last night I spoke with my husband. We talked about local issues that were driving us both nuts. I pleaded with him and said, "Please, please tell me we can leave here!" and he said we could.

I almost couldn't believe it. I actually burst into tears this morning when it hit me that he'd agreed we'd leave.

My chop wood carry water project has just been put on fast speed. Like I said before, if he's given an offer elsewhere today, we're not ready so it's my job now to make sure we're ready when that time comes. Oh my GOD, though - there is light at the end of the tunnel!

My real estate licence is good through next Summer so it's my hope that between now and then I can get the house in order and sell as many homes as possible.

Speaking of, looks like I'll have an offer on one of my listings and I'll have a new one next week. A really nice one!

On another subject, I changed my name with Social Security right after I got married , but we were living in the Netherlands where it is not easy to change your last name so I kept my maiden name. I continued with my maiden name when we came to the states. I saw my driver's license will expire in January so I went to find my SS card and it was no where to be found. I went to order a replacement, with my maiden name, and was told I first had to prove I was the person with my maiden name before they could issue a new card. Otherwise, I could go to the courthouse and for $360 have my name legally changed before they'd issue a new card. I scoured my home for other docs and was lucky enough that the other women I met with there later accepted my wedding license as enough and she changed my name officially back to my maiden name on my SS card. Lots of miracles today.

I am so very grateful.

Just 2 more days until I load...



lavenderdiva said...

I had sort of the same situation with my maiden name. When we applied for a marriage license, I was so sure that I'd want to go by my husband's last name, so that is what I put on the marriage license. Legally I guess, that should be my name. However, I have never used that name on any legal documents such as purchasing a home, bank accounts, drivers license, etc. since the wedding. Its now been 8 years, and I still use my maiden name, and will continue to do so. I don't know what I was thinking, putting his last name as mine on the wedding license!

Congratulations on Mr. helderheid coming around. You need to get your butt in gear and get your house ready to put on the market. You always get a burst of hyper-energy on a round, so maybe that could be your focus in the near future!

Hey, did you see my reply to your response yesterday? I need your input on something- take a look, OK?


helderheid said...

LD!! *HUG*

How about starting this round with me? Do a short round so you're in P4 by the holidays and do another short round then?? BE MY HCG BUDDY!!

helderheid said...

I meant AFTER then. Gads!

lavenderdiva said...

how long a round are you going to do? I need to look at the calendar to see how the dates run. When do you start loading?

I'm SO sick of feeling gross.

chipmunck said...

That is so awesome. Keep up with the hyper train to get the house ready to get outta there! Is Portland still on the list or somewhere else!!

Washington is always a welcoming place! heh.

It's wonderful when the universe just makes your day!!

chipmunck said...

So my original post didn't let me sign up for email. So this is for email notification. :P

Anonymous said...

It seems that everything might finally be falling in place for you with the move. I hope it works out for you! You are going to be a busy lady in the upcoming months...not that you weren't busy!
Where do you find the energy to keep going?!

Jen Payne said...

Very happy that things are working out for you! This will be an exciting new adventure! Isn't it nice when everything seems to fall into place.... :)

Amy said...

Yay! While I love to visit your location (I have a very good friend in your area) I really COULD NOT live there.

Chipmunk mentioned Portland...I'm not too far from there and I love the Pacific Northwest. Just saying. :)

Glad you go the name issue resolved. That can be tricky.

Sorry I can't do a round with you. I am planning another in January, but I guess you won't need one then. Maybe we can synchronize for your next 6 month reset and my 4th (?) round.

Lis said...

Happy dance!!!