Sunday, September 12, 2010

118 (+ 1.3 LDW)

Heeeeey peep-a-la-peeps!

I just looked at the calendar and my 1st day of P3 is on my 11th wedding anniversary! Yay! I can still go out and have a nice meal with my incredible husband!

I'm excited about this round in that it's the first short round I've ever done. 3 weeks seems like NOTHING.

This week will be a little nutty. I work from 10-12 tomorrow, 5-8 Tuesday, Wednesday at 11:30 I go to the doctor for my foot (which looks and feels much better) and then pick up my kids, drop them with a friend and work from 4-6, Thursday 11-2 and Friday 10-12. 3 different locations. Nut-TY. :) One evening I will be doing a listing presentation for a DREAAMMMMY home. I am so unbelievably excited about this house!

One of my best friends (she's like a sister) is in town from Switzerland (she lives there with her Dutch husband, my husband's best friend). We're doing lunch Monday after work. I cannot wait to see her! We'll make plans later for all four of us to get together. It will be fun to see them both. I'm sure my husband will love being able to gab in his native tongue as well.

Okay, I've babbled enough. Off to check on y'all!

PS - Thanks for the advise!


Anonymous said...

Heeeey Chick-a-dee! *GRIN*

Goodness how can anybody keep up with you?! You must be a blur of motion zipping around town.

Enjoy your visitors! Lots of success wiht protocol.

lavenderdiva said...

schedule a little nutty? oh my! my head is spinning just reading your schedule!

Have fun with your friends-

What date are you starting this next round?