Tuesday, September 28, 2010

120.9 (4.2 over LDW)

I did a steak day yesterday and got an almost 2 pound drop. I allowed myself a carb heavy day despite my weight on Sunday which strapped me with 2 additional pounds. I'm astonished as to how carb sensitive I am.

I've been without my thyroid meds since Friday. I'm picking them up today. I'll be low carbing until Friday, when a dear friend is throwing a housewarming party at the home that I negotiated a lease option for her and her family. Saturday is my first load day as well as a wine tasting, and Sunday is my daughter's birthday and my second load day. I'm hoping to get down to 118-119 pre-load in the next few days. We'll see if I can pull that off. I'm going to be very careful on Saturday (excluding the wine) to stick to low carb, high fat load foods. I won't be as careful Sunday, though sugar was never my deal so I'm not a huge birthday cake person. We'll probably do our traditional cheese fondue dinner which works out well for me!

I'm going to take Lavenderdiva's advice this round and include the grissini. I excluded them in past rounds as Dr. S. said you could exclude anything except the protein. I am going to see if including the grissini this round helps me avoid becoming carb resistant. As I've said before however, if so then I do a cleansing round twice a year. Not a big deal.

The PA at the clinic I work at called me last night. She's back in town earlier than expected so I have the rest of the week off. I have no idea if she'll continue to hire me or not. We'll see! It was a fantastic experience either way, and she told me I got rave reviews. That made me smile.

Okay, peepalapeeps. Time for more coffee and something to eat!


lavenderdiva said...

First off, the PA would be NUTS not to keep you on board, and continue working with the clients you've developed. I think she will find she will be MUCH more successful with you there.

Secondly, the 'Perfect' article was very powerful. We all suffer and struggle with it. Sometimes I think I don't struggle enough to be perfect, like I should be trying harder to be a better me. That's another weird twist to it.

I'm sure some of the extra lbs you're battling are due to the lack of thyroid meds. I'm not promising that adding back in the grissini this next round will do the trick for you with carbs, but I do think it might help you eliminate a factor, if you persist in having this reaction to carbs. I'm also thinking that you may be gluten-sensitive, or wheat-sensitive. I just don't know. But I know that you can't live the rest of your life eating a no-carb or low-carb plan. I couldn't. If nothing else, you do have a plan: the cleansing rounds twice a year. That's always a good back-up plan!

hugs to you-

helderheid said...

LD, THANK YOU AGAIN. I really don't know who I'd be without you in my life.

That "Perfect" article hit me in many angles. It will take some time for me to process it, however I know that as I encounter "strangers", I will be a far more compassionate soul, and not feel nearly so alone.

I'm glad I've found the 6 month pattern. Hopefully I can get past it, but if not, at least I have a viable solution. This is such a quick fix and it lasts half a year (so far) for me. I need the break. I easily fall into self destructive patterns and the rounds break them and force me into releasing negative tapes that play in my head as well as the weight. :)


lavenderdiva said...

And with your 'quick fix' you could do a 23 day round and be done with it for another 6 months. I think its great that you've lost so much weight and have gotten to a point where it is just about maintaining a 5 or so lb 'bump'. You need to be able to enjoy your 6 month interim, and be able to eat normally.

I've been struggling, really struggling with when to start my next round. I'm way past where I was last October when I first started hcg in weight. Its frustrating to think that after 3-4 rounds I'm right back where I started, plus some. I know we will be having guests in town for the holidays, so being on P3/P4 just won't work. I could wait till January, and then just go for as long as I possibly could for that round (barring another fainting spell due to low blood pressure like last round), and just keep going round-after-round next year until its all off. I just don't know what to do. I just keep gaining weight. I have a feeling its thyroid-related, but I just can't afford to have any more testing done any time soon. I'm wondering if I just went ahead and took 2 thyroid pills per day, if that would at least help me to stay put at this weight until January.

I'm stuck and can't seem to figure this out.

You are very sweet to share that with me, and I truly feel the same way about you!